Learning and Teaching Expo, 13-15 December 2017

Info Access is going to join the learning and teaching expo this year again. In the exhibition, we will showcase all our star products and share our knowledge with the participants. Hope you can visit us at Expo booth F06.

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Info Access


* * * *  Info Access aims to be the best provider of electronic publications and software resources, so as to build up the corner stone of learning.


Online Education Conference, 3 Novemeber 2017

The Online Education Conference 2017 , organized by Info Access and co-organised by Hong Kong Library Association, on 3rd November 2017, commencing at 0930 to 1630 at Science Park. The theme of this year’s conference is “Transforming Library Services-Driven by Demand and Technology”. The conference aims to provide an opportunity for participates to discuss about the library services developments and the role of librarians to support the rapid change of academic needs in 21 century.  

Past Events

Medical Education Conference 2017, 27 May 2017

Info Access has joined the Medical Education Conference. The theme for this year is " Modern Trends in Medical Education". We have showcased the assessment solutions to the Medical leaders, which can benefit the whole process of assessment and evaluation.

Teacher Workshop, 25 March  2017

Info Access has invited the K12 English teachers for joining the workshop on "A Balanced Approach to Teaching Reading to Young Learners". We have shared about how to teach students at different levels using a variety of resources including digital. Also, we have discussed about the ways to fully utilize the resources to improve learning for all students at any development levels too.